Welcome to SKINNY

SKINNY is a simple, easy system designed to permanently change the way you eat. We focus on internal health and collapsing fat mass. We help take the guesswork out of weight loss. All you have to do is commit to the program and we will tell you exactly what to do to be successful.

First-timers start the plan with a full-body analysis by an Olympic grade machine. It tells you everything you need to do to get totally fit and healthy. Then your nutrition coach walks you through the simple daily regimen. They tell you what to eat, you keep track of your meals, and together you’ll work towards your end goal! This weight loss strategy is a game-changer that can save lives.

Our nutritionists are qualified, enthusiastic individuals with a passion for helping people lose fat and get healthy. Your nutritionist will meet with you weekly at SKINNY for a 10-15 minute accountability session to give you the support and education you need for success.


SKINNY triggers lifestyle changes by creating a simple, supportive weight loss environment. It’s futile to expect new results using the same old weight loss plans. Our comprehensive system is fresh, effective and convenient!


We strive to give our clients every tool they need to reach their weight loss goals, without surgery or diet drugs. We are the rare weight loss program that aids in fast, healthy results. When you stick to your personal SKINNY plan, your weight loss goal can be achieved. 


When we think about the future, we envision SKINNY as the number one performance weight loss company in the world. With our winning formula of extreme wellness, customized diet and fitness plans and personal coaching, our vision is quickly becoming a reality! Join us today so we can move together toward a healthier tomorrow.

The SKINNY Difference

Unlike most weight loss plans, SKINNY prepares you for life-long success. We set you up with a personal coach to monitor your progress and keep you accountable with weekly check-ins. We know how challenging it can be to lose weight on your own and keep it off. That’s why we keep on supporting you with monthly accountability meetings.

Our program continuously keeps you full and satisfied. Up to six times a day, you’ll eat oatmeal, chocolate and peanut butter bars, shakes, and packaged food that takes about three minutes to prepare. SKINNY also provides the absolute highest-grade essential amino acids to curb your cravings.

SKINNY works for anyone, regardless of their starting ability. Some of our clients begin their journey at 600 pounds or more. Exercise is simply too hard on their joints. We will customize an exercise regimen that’s easy to follow no matter where you’re starting.

Your feedback is important for us

Review 1

You can’t mess around with this. If you want to do it, DO IT—it works. It’s not easy at first, but once you reset your eating, you’re g2g. -H.H.

Review 2

I became obsessed with this and have lost 27 lbs. My mind is clearer, and I’ve lost 6-8 inches off my waistline. I’ve always been active in jiujitsu and weight training, but I’ve never had a body I was happy with. I want a 32-34-inch waist. Because of SKINNY, I’m now a loose 36! -Rocky Haire

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