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Cal lost 24 lbs in 10 weeks! All of his blood levels are much better now and he feels healthier. One of his favorite things about the Skinny program was that the food taste good and he was never hungry. We are so proud of you Cal!

Brent lost 31.6 lbs in 19 weeks. Here is another story where he had a physical done and levels were all out of wack. We helped get those levels regulated by just losing fat and changing his lifestyle of eating habits. Great job Brent!

Janell lost 40 lbs in 11 weeks. What an amazing achievement! She is most excited about reaching her ideal weight and finally shopping for the jeans she wanted at the Buckle with her daughter. We are so proud of you Janell!

Jim lost 40 lbs in 18 weeks! Fat mass dropped 7 percent. Jim says he tried for a long time to lose the weight and nothing worked for him. He feels better and sleeps better. You are amazing Jim and we are so excited to see you keep this weight off for life. 

Jennifer lost 20 lbs! She has every intolerance out there including thyroid, allergic to gluten and dairy, which has made losing weight difficult for her. She learned that most of her problems were related to carbs and sugars. Jennifer is most excited about her new healthy lifestyle of eating in maintenance so that she can keep it off for life. Amazing results Jennifer!

Tyler lost 14 lbs just one week on the program. He has lost a total of 60 lbs now and dropped 8 percent body fat. Visceral fat rating went from a 22 down to 15. Tyler says he has benefited the most from our accountability we offer here at Skinny. We are so excited about your results Tyler and look forward to seeing you at your ideal weight! 

Pat was down 7 lbs his first week on the program. Finished at a 30.2 lb loss. He is most excited about the healthy lifestyle he learned here at Skinny. Great job Pat!

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You can’t mess around with this. If you want to do it, DO IT—it works. It’s not easy at first, but once you reset your eating, you’re g2g. -H.H.

Rocky Haire

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