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I am so happy we found Skinny Performance Center! I was looking for the right fit for my teen daughter and could not be more pleased with Valerie and her company. She took a personal interest in my daughter and recognized the challenges she faced but showed her how this program could help her achieve her weight goals and improve her self confidence and ultimately feel better and healthier. She is super knowledgeable and made it so easy for her to start and maintain the program each week. Thank you Valerie and Skinny Performance Center for being the answer to our weight management prayers! ❤️
Christy Hennigan

I have had such a wonderful experience here at SKINNY! From the owner to the SKINNY snacks-they all have been amazing!

I am down 15 pounds in 11 days! Never once felt deprived–and no supplements to buy/take. EXCITED to see how my next phase goes and how much potential I have to get to my GOAL weight!!

Katherine Borchert

I have always had an uphill battle in any effort I attempted to lose weight. From programs to diets nothing seemed to work. I got in contact with SKINNY when I overheard on the radio that this was a new company that would focus on the root of the problem. I can happily say that I was able to lose 40 pounds because of SKINNY. You read that right FORTY pounds. I will forever be grateful for what SKINNY was able to provide for me. This uphill battle that I had was finally on equal ground. Thank you SKINNY!
Joshua Alvarenga

I became obsessed with this and have lost 27 lbs. My mind is clearer, and I’ve lost 6-8 inches off my waistline. I’ve always been active in jiu–jitsu and weight training, but I’ve never had a body I was happy with. I want a 32-34-inch waist. Because of SKINNY, I’m now a loose 36! -Rocky Haire
Rocky Haire

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