Surviving Sugar Withdrawal and Detox

by | Jun 15, 2021

Surviving Sugar Withdrawal and Detox with SKINNY Performance Weight Loss

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of reducing and eliminating sugar. SKINNY Performance Weight Loss is focused on surviving sugar withdrawal and detox. Sugar is a quick and easy source of energy, and we often metabolize sugars before other foods. Different sugars metabolize differently and in excess, sugar may be stored as fat when not used for energy. Over time, too much sugar can lead to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and many more preventable health problems.

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At SKINNY Performance Weight Loss, we work with people who want and need to cut sugar out or they will have a difficult time losing weight and keeping it off permanently. So many of our program participants are successful in replacing other healthier and better-tasting food options. At first many are surprised to learn how sugar is found in just about everything we eat. And after they worked with their nutritionists on healthier foods that taste great, our SKINNY clients realize that so many foods taste better without being soaked in sugar, once they kick sugar. Many will share how sugar withdrawal and detox are not fun, but on the other side, it is absolutely the best decision for anyone’s health and happiness.

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Let SKINNY Help Kick Excess Sugar and Going Through Sugar Withdrawal and Detox

SKINNY Performance Weight Loss works with program participants who are ready to cut sugar from their diet and lose weight in a way they can keep it off forever. Withdrawal and detox symptoms can last from a few days to a week or longer depending on the individual, their health, and how much sugar they have been consuming. There are both mental and physical symptoms that people experience during sugar withdrawal.

Mental Symptoms from Sugar Withdrawal

 Many of the emotional and mental symptoms experienced from cutting excess sugar are like what people experience when they quit other substances like alcohol, which of course, is full of sugars.

  • Anxiety is common as people feel nervous and irritable, and with less patience, it is easy to be snappy with people.
  • Brain fog and cognitive issues are associated with sugar withdrawal, and it is common to find it hard to focus on tasks and to temporarily forget common things like names and places.
  • Depressed feelings can be normal temporarily because the brain is not getting the dopamine it is used to releasing in response to sugars.
  • Cravings are common and people getting off sugar might crave foods high in carbs, snacks, and fast foods as well, which is not helpful when trying to lose weight.
  • Sleep patterns can be affected when detoxing from sugar and it can be difficult to sleep and stay asleep throughout the night as the brain and body adjust to functioning without the excess sugar as the go-to energy source.

 Physical Symptoms from Detoxing from Sugar

Common physical symptoms of sugar withdrawal are temporary feelings of nausea, dizziness, and being tired, likely from not sleeping as well while the body cleanses itself and learns to get its energy from better nutrition sources. Anyone who has quit drinking alcohol for a short or long-term period likely experienced remarkably similar physical symptoms to those commonly associated with a sugar detox.

Of course, if withdrawing and detoxing from sugar, if any of the mental or physical symptoms lead to feelings of danger or serious illness, it is important to seek appropriate medical attention in the event there is something else going on with health and wellness in addition to weight loss efforts. At SKINNY, we know our clients well and are acutely focused on their health and wellness going into a custom weight loss program to identify any risk factors along the way and to properly instruct them on what to do if they do feel suddenly ill.

SKINNY Performance Weight Loss in Highland Village, Texas. At SKINNY, we work with our members who lose weight on customized nutrition plans, getting people off sugars, while losing weight and keeping it off. 

Getting Off Sugar in June and Saving July for Exercise

Sugar is found in so many foods and while it is nearly impossible to eliminate all sugars, it is possible to significantly reduce sugar and survive sugar withdrawal and detox, and it can take a few days to a week or more. When losing weight, one of the dietary cuts is alcohol. Did you know that beer and wine can knock you out of weight loss mode for three or four days? And yes, those favorite happy hour drinks are full of sugar and when alcohol is cut from the daily routine, it is easy to crave sweet sugary treats because the body is withdrawing and detoxing from its easy energy source. The process of getting off sugar can be difficult for anyone going through it on their own, but when you work with us, we are just a phone call or text away when those withdrawal symptoms are at their worst.

SKINNY nutritionists know how to work with program participants withdrawing and detoxing from a sugar-rich diet. They help get clients to the fat-burning stage where fat is collapsing, pounds are coming off and the results are measurable. Working with our nutritionists, it is possible to kick sugar and get the diet right so when it is time to start exercising it feels great and the mind, body, and soul are more in tune as new healthier habits become long-term.

 How SKINNY Helps Participants Surviving Sugar Withdrawal and Detox

The SKINNY Performance Weight Loss programs are custom-tailored to every participant’s life and needs. We take care of the diet plan, the food, the recommended exercise and are there every step of the way. Knowing what it is like to go through a sugar detox, our nutritionists make themselves open to answer questions, talk you away from cheat foods, and can help develop that rewarding feeling, not from food, but from resisting the temptation to use food as a reward instead of healthy nutrition.

Going through withdrawal and detox from sugar, your SKINNY plan will help you stay active, well hydrated, and eating some sweet food substitutes like good fruits full of fiber and nutrients to feel full. Measurable weight loss results help in keeping the motivation up to feel healthier, continue losing weight, and getting more out of life without being bogged down by excess sugars and bad energy sources.

People All Over Texas are Kicking Sugar and Getting SKINNY

All over Denton County and DFW people are learning how to take back their health by kicking bad sugars out of their diets and they talk about surviving sugar withdrawal and detox. Out in the community at events, we see healthier eating options where people learned to kick sugar out of their diets. As people talk about what worked for them and whether they tried this diet or that, the common element in many successful weight loss stories is learning how to eat the right foods, in the right proportions, and cutting the sugars and alcohol. And when people share their stories, some might cringe at first but then realize that when healthier choices become habits, people are eating what they want, healthier food that keeps them SKINNY.

Looking to Kick Sugar Out and Lose Weight for Good? Surviving Sugar Withdrawal and Detox is Possible with SKINNY Performance Weight Loss in Highland Village (972) 318-0411.