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There are three crucial elements to losing weight and keeping it off. First, you must nourish your body with high-quality calories, vitamins, and proper hydration. Second, you must meet your body’s physical needs for exercise and adequate sleep. The third part of the winning formula is support. It’s nearly impossible to lose weight without the support of friends and family. That’s why so many people look for diet and workout buddies to cheer them on and hold them accountable.

At SKINNY, we support you from the moment you walk in. We applaud your effort from the very beginning because we know how hard it is to make lifestyle changes. That’s why we always stay positive and never judge you for your current condition. Encouragement is a vital part of sticking with a successful weight loss plan.

Our support comes in many forms. We connect you with a top quality nutritionist who will give you continual guidance. Then we pair you with a weight loss coach who will be your personal cheerleader along your journey. Finally, we give you ongoing weekly support after you’ve reached your goal weight. Our members also support each other online and during meet-ups. You will never have to take a single step of your journey alone.  

Support from Your Nutritionist

Our nutritionists are some of the very best. They are trained to listen to your concerns, take your body into consideration, and come up with a customized eating plan that will help you lose the weight fast. If you find your plan to be too challenging, all you have to do is let them know so that they can make adjustments. You’ll never be left to figure out calorie counts or carbs by yourself. 

Support from Your Coaches

Your personal weight loss coach is there to oversee your fitness regimen, guide you back onto your path if you slip, and cheer you on to victory. They know that nobody is perfect, and most people backslide on their diet plans from time to time. That’s why they teach you real-world tactics for avoiding fattening food and working exercise into your day.

Movement and sleep are very important when you’re trying to lose weight, so let your coach know if anything is interfering with your ability to do either. They will make helpful suggestions and keep you accountable for your decisions, all in a friendly and caring way.

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Support from Other Members

Our members are wonderfully supportive of each other. Look for them in Facebook groups, message boards, or even at our office during check-ins and weigh-ins. They’re always waiting with a smile to encourage another member. You could even start a meetup group of SKINNY members in your area for regular interaction and support.

Ongoing Support for Life

Our program is a phased weight loss system. Phase One is usually the most difficult because your body is breaking its addiction to sugar and carbs. But if you stay with it, you can absolutely reach your target weight. Our support doesn’t end there!

Once you’re ready to stop losing and start maintaining, we reintroduce you to whole foods and reinforce your newly-learned, healthier eating habits. Then we support you with monthly meetings! These meetings cost you nothing. You didn’t quit on our system, so we will not quit on you. Bring your questions and concerns to your monthly meetings so our professionals can help you stay on a healthy track for life.

It’s Time to Live the SKINNY Life!

SKINNY gives you all the tools you need to lose weight, including nutritionally complete meals and amino acid supplements. Best of all, we give you support! Our whole team is behind you, and we want to see you succeed. Come visit us in Highland Village, and see why we’re the next big thing for weight loss in Dallas, Fort Worth, and all around the DFW Metroplex!