SKINNY Performance Weight Loss Program FAQ

by | Mar 16, 2021

What Makes the SKINNY Performance Weight Loss Program Different

When Valerie Maclin, SKINNY CEO designed the performance weight loss programs, she focused on why people are challenged to stick with healthy eating and exercise programs on a long-term measured basis. Much of Valerie’s focus is based on positive thinking, sensation, and perception. The psychology of the mind and motivation are very interesting when considering what makes some things work so well, and others less effective. What Valerie did with SKINNY is different, because she closed all the loopholes and provided answers to some of the problems in long-term success in weight and exercise management. In this short article, we highlight the details that make SKINNY different, leading to great success stories.

SKINNY Performance Weight Loss in Highland Village, Texas. At SKINNY, we work with our members who lose weight on customized nutrition plans with a balance of healthy fats and meal ideas, while losing weight and keeping it off.

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Customized Nutrition Plan for Individual Needs and Schedules

Calculating how much healthy fat and how many carbohydrates we need for individual weight loss can be confusing. The good news is that with the SKINNY program, we meet with and prepare customized nutrition plans for every program participant. Because everyone is unique, everyone gets a custom plan that helps them get to measurable success and long-term weight loss and management. As we know, life changes and so do our eating patterns. At SKINNY, we stick with our program participants for life and will be there to adjust nutrition plans accordingly.

Meal planning services are important to program success. The SKINNY program and nutrition plans provide a balanced schedule of delicious meals with variety, so the menu always seems to be new and interesting. Keeping variety is important because it helps with feeling good and positive about healthier eating. When things are pleasurable, we are motivated to stick with them, and that is a goal with SKINNY.

80 Percent of Daily Healthy Foods For Delicious SKINNY Recipes

Whole foods are the freshest ingredients for delicious SKINNY recipes and when on the program, we provide 80 percent of those foods to make it easy to stay on track with forever weight loss goals. Knowing what to buy, how much, and being prepared for how long food will stay fresh is a challenge. Many times people buy too much produce and cannot eat it quickly enough before it goes bad. This is why the SKINNY program makes eating healthy so much easier than trying to plan all those meals and ingredients by trial and error.

On the SKINNY Performance Weight Loss Program, so many questions about what to buy at the grocery store are not of concern because we take care of it. This is another way these customized plans not only provide healthy food and information about how and what to eat, but this is also another example of what makes SKINNY different, the way we take those extra steps to make everything easier. By reducing the stressful parts of healthy eating and weight loss, we are increasing the frequency of long-term measured success.

Body Composition Analysis at Weekly Meetings with a Certified Nutritionist

Developing the best habits in healthy eating and exercise is the key to long-term weight loss success. Meeting with the nutritionist is something many program participants look forward to when they get fit with the SKINNY program. The regularly scheduled body composition analysis helps with accountability and the feeling of success when there are measured results in the right direction. It takes time to arrive at and maintain a target weight and body composition, considerably less time when on the SKINNY program.

Importantly, what sets us apart in the weight loss and healthy body maintenance industry is our personal touch and attention to every detail and personality type with whom we work. And we understand the demanding lives of busy professionals who might have more challenges on the road to fitness than others. Especially when attending events all over DFW where food and beverages are served, it is nice to have a SKINNY nutritionist on call, even to help talk you away from that buffet table at the next networking event.

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Recipes and Blogs with Valuable Information and SKINNY Tips

Changing cooking and eating habits takes time and development. And while it is easy to come up with a few favorite meals with the approved healthy fruits, vegetables, fats, and meats, it can be a challenge to make sure to get all the right vitamins, nutrients, and balanced foods that the body needs, based on one’s customized body maintenance plan. The less time our SKINNY friends spend trying to figure out what to eat and how to prepare meals, the more time they have to do everything else that matters so much in life.

Benefits of being on the SKINNY programs not only include food and recipes, but also blog articles such as this one, intended to share information and help everyone feel great about the important life changes and positive living with good nutrition and exercise. The Internet is full of tips for healthier eating and long-term weight maintenance. However, not all the information on the net is correct, and not everything one reads is something that works with every individualized nutrition plan. Also, some of the information available online is contradictory. So when we have ideas and tips to share, the tips you can trust, we will publish those on the article section of the SKINNY website.

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Customized Body Maintenance Plan and Lifetime Access to Nutritionists

We are not joking about our certified nutritionists being on call to help our participants at a moment’s notice, because what we are doing is building long-term advisor friendships with our SKINNY program participants. At the end of the day, we hope our SKINNY friends learn so much working with us that they can spread the word about eating the right way and keeping weight loss goals without bouncing back and forth on the scale. SKINNY participants get lifetime access to nutritionists who do become friends and allies in life, which always changes.

And when life does change, a customized body maintenance plan can be modified to adjust to life. For example, what happens when having a baby and being out of work for a while, and then going back to work. Imagine how many life changes affect maintaining healthy eating and exercise, and imagine your lifetime nutritionist being there to help adjust the maintenance plan to the current conditions.

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Questions About Foods, Drinks, and Self-Monitoring on the SKINNY Program

  • Which Oil Should I Use?

Avocado Oil, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, MCT Oil, and Thrive Algae Oil.

  • What is Visceral Fat?

Dangerous fat on vital organs impeding proper functioning. The SKINNY Program helps attack visceral fat and prevent serious medical issues including cancer and several internal diseases.

  • How Long Does it Take to Get in Fat Burn State?

Three to four days on the program, following specific dos and don’ts.

  • Can I Drink Alcohol with the SKINNY Program?

To minimize being kicked out of the fat-burning state, no more than two shots of liquor weekly, which impede fat burning for three to four hours. Meanwhile, A beer or glass of wine interrupts the fat-burning state for up to four days.

  • Does Metabolism Change on the Program?

Monitoring weight loss and progress, it is clear that metabolisms change from slow and sluggish to fast and efficient. People on the program report feeling the difference in their metabolism.

  • What Will I Feel Like on the SKINNY Program?

Following the custom-prepared program and eating the provided foods, making recipes, people feel satiated and have more energy without cravings for carbs and sugars. People report better sleep at night and more clarity and mental energy during the day.

These are just a few of the frequently asked questions and answers found on the SKINNY website.

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