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Collapse Fat, Lose Weight

When you start the SKINNY weight loss program, you will learn new facts, terms, and concepts regarding health and weight loss. One phrase you might not have heard before is “collapse your fat”. This is our goal for everyone who comes to us for help losing weight, whether they need to lose a little or a lot. Let’s learn more about the human body, how it behaves after weight loss, and what it means to collapse your fat.

What is Homeostasis?

Simply put, our bodies are designed to keep everything regulated: our core temperature, our hydration level, and our weight. When humans get cold, our bodies begin to shiver to generate heat. When we’re too hot, our bodies sweat to cool us down. When we drink too much fluid, we pass it through our urinary system. When we don’t drink enough, we crave liquids. It’s just how we’re made.

Our bodies also try to regulate our weight, much to the frustration of dieters. If we consume too few calories, our bodies enter “starvation mode”, and the weight loss slows down. This can be overcome in time, but it is a natural reaction to past times of food scarcity; our bodies try to hold onto the fat to preserve us until we go back to our usual eating habits.

Your Body After Weight Loss

When we gain weight by eating more calories than we burn, our bodies create fat mass. Anyone who has lost weight has encountered the dreaded “weight loss plateau”, where the weight loss stops no matter what you do. These frustrating periods are caused by your body trying to hold onto the extra fat mass – attempting to keep things the same, as with homeostasis. It takes effort and patience to break through these plateaus.

When you do manage to lose weight, your body will try to regain it unless you make permanent changes to your lifestyle and eating habits. Unless you lose all of your fat mass, there is always the danger of putting the weight back on. Your weight loss isn’t secure until you lose all the extra weight – a process we call “collapsing your fat”.

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What Collapsing Your Fat Means

When someone comes in and needs to lose 80 pounds of fat, they can lose 20 pounds and still have 60 pounds of excess fat mass. At SKINNY, we calculate their healthy weight goal by considering their height, age, and gender. When the client hits this ideal weight, they will have lost their excess fat mass. If they lose all the weight, it is unlikely they will ever regain it. If they lose just part of the fat mass, it will always try to come back.

Think of it like having an infection. If you take your full course of antibiotics, you will beat the infection. If you only take part of your regimen, the infection can return and even get worse. If you lose all your excess fat, you will beat obesity. If you only lose part of it, those extra pounds can return – and then some.

The Truth About Obesity

We tend to think of obese people as extremely large, unable to exercise or even support their weight with their own two legs. But did you know obesity begins with just 15 extra pounds of body weight? Think of all the people you know. Who couldn’t stand to lose 15 pounds? Chances are, most of the people you see from day to day are overweight or obese. Just because they carry the weight well doesn’t mean it’s not doing invisible harm to their bodies.

Obesity is an epidemic in the western world. By collapsing your fat and losing all the extra fat mass you’ve accrued, you will not only minimize your chances of regaining the weight, you will also greatly reduce your risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, heart disease, and some cancers.

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