Program Details

We can’t begin to count the weight loss plans that promise big results, only to require you to eat an unreasonably small amount of calories or spend every waking moment in the gym. Those systems are not sustainable for most people. SKINNY is a weight loss program for everyone. It can work for you regardless of your starting fitness level, and the principles you learn with us can be maintained for life.

The details make the difference. Let’s take a closer look at the SKINNY plan and what you can expect when you join us.


Program Summary

To be successful at losing weight, you must nourish your body properly, move your body adequately, and have a support system in place to celebrate your victories and encourage you to keep moving toward your goal. SKINNY meets all of these needs with our comprehensive approach to food, exercise and support.


Our pre-packaged nutrition products are nutritionally complete to satisfy your hunger and fuel your body. You will eat up to six times a day to keep your metabolism fired up. Our amino acid supplements take the edge off of your sugar cravings.


Your exercise regimen will depend on your body’s condition. Many of our clients are obese and cannot tolerate exercise due to the strain it puts on their joints. Whether you’re active or mostly sedentary, SKINNY will help you lose weight.


We provide qualified nutritionists and enthusiastic weight loss coaches to give you guidance, keep you accountable, and cheer you on as you go. If your original diet plan isn’t meeting your needs, they will optimize it to help you lose weight faster. Meet with them weekly while you lose, then monthly!

What to Expect: 

Day 1

Your very first visit to SKINNY will start with a consultation and assessment. We use an Olympic-grade machine to provide a full-body analysis. It tells us everything you need to do to improve your fitness and health.

With this starting point in place, we will give you all of the SKINNY nutrition products you will need each day as well as an individualized eating plan and practical tips on how to incorporate fitness into your day.

Week 1

You might feel some tiredness or irritability during the first week. This is your body coming off of its sugar addiction. Our products are designed to break your dependence on simple carbohydrates. Be sure to take your amino acids regularly to curb those cravings. Exercise is not required during this phase, so get plenty of rest and drink lots of water.

Week 2

Your cravings should be improving at this point. You might be surprised at how much weight you lost during your follow-up meeting and weigh-in. Your body is now burning stored fat as fuel instead of the sugar it burned before; keep drinking water and following your eating plan/schedule.

Week 3

Now that you’re no longer consuming simple carbs, you should be feeling more energetic during the day and sleeping better at night. Your hunger can be reduced, and your cravings can decrease. Now is the time to consider taking up a new activity. From walking your dog to hitting the gym, anything that gets you moving is good. Tell your coach about any challenges that arise.

Week 4 and Beyond

Congratulations! You’ve made it through your first month. Your metabolism is in high gear and you have the potential to burn more fat than ever before. 

Once you’ve achieved your healthy weight loss goal, you will continue to use the skills you learned with SKINNY to keep the weight off for life. We will educate you about transitioning to whole foods and you will be welcome to meet with us once a month for as long as you like, at no cost.

The Science Behind the System

SKINNY is a phased process. Phase 1 is the toughest because of the strict dietary limitations. This is when your body is transitioning from burning glucose to burning fat, so sugar cravings are significant.

During phase 2, you are still burning your own fat, but you get more food options to choose from. People love this phase because of the freedom it brings.

Phase 3 is acclimation to whole foods. We set up a plan to prepare you for maintenance. This phase represents the permanent changes to your diet and lifestyle that you will keep using for life.

SKINNY: Guaranteed Results

for Everyone

If you stick to the program, can achieve you goal weight. Period. Stay in touch with your coach to let them know about anything that’s making it hard for you to stay with the program. They have helpful advice to give.

Are you ready to lose weight? We’re ready to help! Get started with SKINNY today and see the difference a healthy weight can make in your life.