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Common Questions and Answers

Q. Can SKINNY be maintained for life?
Yes. The fat loss you achieve with SKINNY can be maintained for the rest of your life with our customizable and cost-free maintenance phase. We will transition you back to a whole foods diet once you reach your healthy, ideal weight and we will continue to provide you with the education, support, and encouragement that you need to keep the weight off forever!

Q. Will I be hungry on this program?
No. You will feel sugar cravings for the first week, but not true hunger. Our foods give your body everything it needs to start burning fat and stay healthy. You will eat up to six times a day so that you never have to wait too long between meals.

Q. What kind of health benefits can I expect?

It has been proven that attaining a healthy weight can reduce dependence on diabetes medications, improve sleep apnea, and reduce the risk for certain cancers and medical conditions.

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Q. How much does the SKINNY program cost?
The SKINNY program’s cost varies from person to person. The first step is to come in for an initial consultation so we can gain insight into you as a person and that will help us create a customized plan for you.
Q. Can I do the SKINNY program if I am vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free?
YES! We can accommodate almost any special diet here at SKINNY, so come in and find out how you can still follow your specific diet restrictions with SKINNY!
Q. I have a lot of food allergies, am I still a candidate for SKINNY?
YES! We can usually work around most food allergies, so coming in for an initial consultation will help us determine how we can manage a customized SKINNY plan around your specific allergies.
Q. Will I have to cook on the SKINNY program?
With our guidance, our program is what you make it, so there are ways to do the program with very minimal prepping/cooking or none at all! But don’t worry! You need not be a 5-star chef to be successful. Our program was designed with ease and convenience in mind, so we can discover ways to make the program as easy as possible for you!

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You can’t mess around with this. If you want to do it, DO IT—it works. It’s not easy at first, but once you reset your eating, you’re g2g. -H.H.

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