Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can SKINNY be maintained for life?

Yes. The fat loss you achieve with SKINNY can be maintained for the rest of your life with our customizable and cost-free maintenance phase. We will transition you back to a whole foods diet once you reach your healthy, ideal weight and we will continue to provide you with the education, support, and encouragement that you need to keep the weight off forever!

Q. Will I be hungry on this program?

No. You will feel sugar cravings for the first week, but not true hunger. Our foods give your body everything it needs to start burning fat and stay healthy. You will eat up to six times a day so that you never have to wait too long between meals.

Q. How much weight does the average client lose with SKINNY?

Results vary, but clients have reported losses of 2 – 3 pounds per week. You can lose as much as you need to reach your healthy target weight.

Q. What kind of health benefits can I expect?

It has been proven that attaining a healthy weight can reduce dependence on diabetes medications, improve sleep apnea, and reduce the risk for certain cancers and medical conditions.