Nutritional Facts

We source the highest quality protein from the U.S. for our skinny nutritional food products. So, you know you’re preserving lean muscle mass and feeling satisfied while losing weight.  

There are a lot of different kinds of protein out there and they’re not all created equal. There is whey, soy, pea/plant, egg, collagen and casein, among others. Each vary in their amino acid content and bioavailability. How can you know which ones are the best? All protein is comprised of 20 amino acids. Nine of them are considered, “indispensable” or essential.  They are the ones we have to get through the food we eat. The other eleven are called, “dispensable” because your body can make them when necessary.  

The protein you consume should contain the right proportion of all nine essential amino acids, which is what ensures it is a high quality protein.

The quality of protein is measured using the protein digestibility corrected amino acid scoring system (pdcaas).  This system was developed to show which products contain the correct proportions of all nine essential amino acids.  This system is supported by the institute of medicine at the national academy of sciences, the world health organization and the food & drug administration.  The highest possible pdcaas score is 100. We use whey protein (concentrate and isolate), soy protein (isolate), egg protein and caseinate (dairy). These are all proteins with the pdcaas highest score of 100.   



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