Have you been frustrated by weight loss plans that require you to work out for hours? Do you have mobility issues that interfere with your ability to exercise? SKINNY has some good news for you: you can be successful on our plan without strenuous exercise. That might sound like wishful thinking, but it’s true. SKINNY has helped obese individuals and others lose weight in spite of their physical challenges. As long as you stick to your personalized eating plan, take your supplements, and get plenty of water and sleep, you can lose weight.

SKINNY provides everything you need to lose weight: nutritionally dense, low calorie foods; amino acids to curb your cravings; an eating plan made just for you; and an enthusiastic team of nutritionists and weight loss coaches to support you on your journey to a healthy weight. You can lose weight on our plan. It’s not easy, but the results are so worth it!

Our plan does not require you exercise during Phase One. We recommend adding some physical activity during Phase Two, but it is not a strict requirement. While we do encourage you to try and do what you can, we know that certain medical conditions can keep some members from working out. That’s why we keep you at a healthy calorie deficit so you can lose weight even when you can’t exercise.

Is Exercise Necessary? 

Yes, but not in the quantity you might think. Some weight loss plans would have you lifting weights and doing cardio for at least an hour a day, up to six days a week. That takes planning, effort, and time that many of us don’t have. It’s much easier to control what you put into your body than it is to burn off excess calories through exercise. The eating portion of our plan is by far more important than the amount of exercise you do.

What is the Right Amount of Exercise?

For those who are physically able, we recommend doing thirty minutes of activity three times a week. You don’t have to go to a gym to get cardio exercise. It could be anything from gardening to walking your dog or swimming laps in a pool. The idea is to get your heart rate up and get your joints moving to prevent pain and stiffness.

The Benefits of Exercise 

Exercise benefits us in many ways besides weight loss. Cardio exercise can improve your cardiovascular health by getting your heart and lungs working. Weight-lifting has been shown to build muscle and even strengthen bones. Yoga is good for increasing flexibility and calming the mind. Swimming helps you burn calories while taking the strain off of your joints, making a good choice for arthritis sufferers.

Regular exercise can also be very effective at reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. When we exercise, our bodies produce feel-good hormones that put our minds at ease. People who exercise enjoy more restful sleep as well.

What If I Can’t Exercise?

SKINNY will still work for you! Even obese members who found it difficult to move at all have lost weight using our system. For them, movement became easier as the weight began to come off. As your body becomes lighter, your joints won’t have as much of a burden to carry. You can then begin to incorporate light exercises into your regimen if you wish.

 For disabled members, we recommend doing what you can. Even just moving your arms or legs from a sitting position can help you condition your muscles and burn calories faster.

Are You Ready to Get SKINNY? 

SKINNY is a weight loss system for everyone! It doesn’t matter how much you weigh or what condition you’re in when you start — if you stick to the program, you can achieve your weight loss goal. All you have to do is call or come by our Highland Village location to get started. We have members from all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area who are changing their lives for the better, and we hope you’ll become one.

Don’t let your weight hold you back any longer. It’s time to let out the real you that’s been hidden inside. Call us now so our team can cheer you on toward a healthier tomorrow!