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At SKINNY, we provide a simple, nutritious plan to help our clients reach their goal weight without confusion or deprivation. Our center in Highland Village, TX, was designed with your comfort in mind. We feel fortunate to be a part of so many success stories. When you’re ready to reach your goal weight and do away with yo-yo dieting once and for all, we hope you’ll stop by our office and see why we are the most trusted name in North Texas weight loss.

SKINNY was created to serve the 45 million people who try to lose weight each year. Our program is usable by anyone who wants to lose weight and feel better, regardless of age, gender, starting weight, or physical ability. Between our talented nutritionists and devoted weight loss coaches, we will formulate a plan that really works to take the weight off fast!

When people walk through our doors for the first time, they’re not sure what to expect. Many feel nervous that they’re going to be judged for their physical condition. Nothing could be further from the truth! Our team is 100% on your side. We know that just making the commitment to visit our office is a victory unto itself, and following through with that commitment is a cause worth celebrating.


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Our office reception area is clean, cheerful, and inviting — not sterile like a doctor’s office. The first thing you’ll see when you visit us is a friendly face welcoming you to come inside. You will be greeted and given an initial weigh-in, along with a printed assessment of your body composition. This is important because it gives us a starting point to look back on as you progress toward your goal weight and fitness.

Once you move into the private consultation rooms, you will notice the relaxing décor, comfortable seating, and soothing lighting. Our space is designed to put you at ease while you learn more about the SKINNY program and everything it has to offer. We take a collaborative approach to helping our customers lose weight, so we provide a pleasantly cozy setting where we can get to know you, your lifestyle, and your reasons for losing weight.

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Our Equipment

All our equipment is state-of-the-art. We use an Olympic-grade body composition analyzer to learn how much of your body is composed of muscle, fat, bone, and moisture. All you have to do is stand on the electrodes, take the hand-grip electrodes in each hand, and wait. Within seconds, the machine will analyze your body’s makeup and provide a printout of the results. You will have an accurate picture of your weight, BMI, body composition, and obesity risk that you can refer to as you make progress.

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Are you ready to lose weight? We’re ready to help! Our center is located at 2570 FM407 Ste 135, Highland Village, TX 75077, but our service area extends throughout North Texas. Our customers come to us from all over the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex for weight loss guidance and support, and we hope you’ll come and see when you’re ready to begin a new chapter in your life!

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