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Your Weight Loss Nutritionist

Have you ever wished you could have an ongoing support network available to you whenever you need them? SKINNY sets you up with a personal nutritionist who will act as your advisor, friend, and cheerleader through every phase of your weight loss journey. It’s just one of the advantages we have over the other weight loss systems out there.

Nutrition, physical activity, and support are the three pillars that form a successful weight loss program. We meet your nutritional needs by providing 85% of your necessary food in the form of high-quality calories filled with protein and vitamins. Our weight loss coaches will help you find the best physical activity regimen for your lifestyle and fitness level. Your nutritionist makes up an important part of the final pillar: your support group.

The moment you walk into our office, you will note the upbeat and supportive environment. We applaud your effort from the very beginning because we know how hard it is to decide to commit to a new lifestyle. That’s why we always stay positive and never judge any client for their starting condition. Encouragement is a vital part of sticking with a successful weight loss plan.


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Your Nutritionist

We connect you with a top-quality nutritionist who will give you continual guidance. They will support you every step of the way, especially through weight loss plateaus, sugar cravings, and other tough times. You can always come to them for advice on getting past a challenge. Best of all, they are trained and experienced when it comes to finding the right eating plan for your body. You can let them know what’s working and what you need help with, and they will create a nutritional regimen that will keep you satisfied and losing weight.

Our nutritionists are some of the very best. They are trained to listen to your concerns, take your body and physical ability into consideration, and come up with a customized eating plan tailored to your needs. Some clients need to eat higher volumes of low-calorie foods to feel full, while others do better on smaller amounts of low-carb, high-protein foods. If you find your plan to be too challenging, all you have to do is tell your nutritionist so that they can make adjustments. You’ll never have to figure out calories or carbs on your own!

Getting Started

Your journey begins with a visit to our office. We measure your height, weight, and muscle mass. Then we take your age and activity level into consideration. We use this data to come up with the number of calories you should be consuming each day to lose weight at a healthy pace.

The first, and often most difficult step, in your early weight loss plan, is breaking your sugar addiction. Unfortunately, the modern western diet is high in refined sugars and simple carbohydrates that leave us looking swollen and feeling sluggish. When you start your journey with SKINNY, your body will likely protest the absence of sugar for the first week. You might feel irritable, tired, and unsatisfied. That’s when you reach out to your support team!

Ongoing Support from Your Nutritionist

Your nutritionist is always available to help you, even if you’re at a work conference and staring down a buffet filled with carb-heavy foods. Simply text or email them photos of your options, and they’ll help you choose the best one. Even if all we can do is minimize the damage for one day, you’ll always have a team on your side cheering you on as you make smart decisions for your health. Once you’ve completed your weight loss, you will still receive the benefit of one free monthly consultation with your nutritionist to help you stay on track with your new lifestyle and habits.

SKINNY: The Full Package for Weight Loss Success

At SKINNY, we understand what it feels like to have a goal weight in mind, but to need a little help getting there. That’s where we come in!

Our nutritionally complete meals keep you nourished while our weight loss coaches keep you moving in the right direction. Your nutritionist leads the team by customizing an eating plan just for you. Call SKINNY today to get started!

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Weight loss is a journey, but it’s not one you’ll ever need to take alone. SKINNY’s talented team of nutritionists and weight loss coaches is always available to keep you on track and help you make decisions that will get you to your goal faster. Call or come by our Highland Village office today!

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