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Meet Valerie Maclin

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Meet Valerie Maclin

Valerie Maclin

It takes a team to change a life, and our team members are some of the very best in the industry! Their experience, knowledge, and compassion have helped so many clients lose weight and keep it off, it’s no wonder SKINNY is renowned for its results. One of our most valuable team members is Valerie Maclin, a veteran of the health and wellness industry who discovered the transformative power of weight loss in her own life. She now devotes her time to helping others reach their goals and change their lifestyle for the better.

Who is Valerie Maclin?

Valerie is one of the first people you’ll meet when you visit our Highland Village center. Her enthusiasm for health and her warm, supportive demeanor make her a client favorite. Valerie has more than 21 years of experience in health and wellness. She is a certified personal trainer and now serves as a manager and partner at SKINNY Performance Weight Loss.

Being in the weight loss and fitness industry as long as she has, Valerie has obtained valuable knowledge about losing weight through healthy, permanent lifestyle changes. Now she wants to share that knowledge with you, whether you have a lot of weight to lose or just a little. Carrying 15 pounds of excess weight makes a person clinically obese. 100 extra pounds counts as morbidly obese. Valerie knows from personal experience that you don’t have to be extremely overweight to benefit from everything SKINNY has to offer.

 Valerie’s Story

When Valerie began working a desk job with little to no physical activity, she, like most sedentary workers, began to gain weight. Her clothes stopped fitting comfortably, she felt bad from day to day, and her tired, aching body felt older than it was. Unwilling to go on feeling this way, Valerie partnered with a nutritionist and developed what would become the SKINNY nutrition program.

With SKINNY, Valerie lost 15 pounds in just 5 weeks. She felt terrific, and she even reversed her internal age by a decade! These results were too good not to share with others who were struggling, so it wasn’t long before SKINNY was launched. Now Valerie leads the team that will support you every step of the way on your weight loss journey!

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It’s time for a game-changer in your life. It’s time you invest in yourself because you deserve it. You deserve to look and feel healthy. Extend your life and improve your happiness.

SKINNY: Your Personal Weight Loss Support Team

SKINNY provides a simple, supportive weight loss environment to help you reach your goal quickly and healthily. When you’re ready to begin, call or stop by our Highland Village office to meet Valerie and the rest of the team! We look forward to helping you change your life for the better.

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What’s your favorite thing about SKINNY?
Our clients have 100% accountability. They can rely on us to be there for them all day, every day. We even have clients in Philadelphia and Louisiana who stay in close contact with us. If they’re on a business trip where all the food is chosen for them, they can text us a picture of the buffet and ask which foods are ok to eat. No other program provides access to a 24/7 support team.
What was your biggest challenge to losing weight?
Making a commitment to permanent lifestyle changes. If you slip into your old eating habits and decrease your physical activity, you will start to undo the progress you made. That’s true for anyone who has ever lost weight. But if you make the changes permanent, you will keep the weight off forever.
What is your mission at SKINNY?
SKINNY’s mission is to teach our clients how to keep weight off for life. Once they’ve completed our program, they will never need to do another one. We teach them what to do, help them transition back to whole foods again after they reach their target weight, and give them all the tools they need to keep it off for life.
If you could tell people one fact about SKINNY that would convince them to try it, what would it be?
That they can lose between 9 and 16 pounds in the first week!
What is meant by Collapse Your Fat?
When someone comes in and needs to lose a lot (80 lbs) of fat, they can lose 20 lbs and still have a fat mass but SKINNY calculates their healthy weight goal depending on healthy number of height, age, come up with ideal weight. When they hit that healthy weight, they get rid of entire fat mass, if they don’t get all of it off, it will always come back. If lose a little, it comes back. If they get rid of all the fat mass, it won’t come back once get to healthy number.

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