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Long-Distance Clients

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Long-Distance Clients

One of the best things about SKINNY is our ability to reach people from all over the country. As a long-distance client, rest assured that you will still receive the same level of care and service from our SKINNY team as local clients do. You will still have access to your customized eating plan/schedule, accountability, education, and support throughout your journey.

You will have weekly accountability sessions with one of our nutritionists over the phone or through email, based on your preference. We are flexible with your schedule, so YOU get to choose a time that is most convenient for you. This is the time to discuss any struggles you may be facing on your weight-loss journey and ask any questions you may have about your schedule/plan. These weekly sessions are also where we obtain your weight from you and we track it here in our office. We have suggestions for particular scales you can purchase that will give you more detailed information about your body composition, but if your preference is to use a good, old-fashioned bathroom scale, that’s ok with us!

We will ship your food to you weekly. You will have the freedom to choose what products you want and we take care of getting it bagged and shipped directly to your door!

There will be a constant open line of communication between you and your nutritionist, and they will be on hand to help guide you through any tricky spots you find yourself in during your journey as well as to celebrate your victories with you.

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SKINNY Will Mail Your Food Nationwide

Skinny ships food nationwide weekly. Remote clients have over-the-phone accountability just like local clients. They can call or text Valerie their questions and food journals, she will send them low-carb and low-sugar recipes, etc. She will send them a menu, they can choose the foods they want, she will pack and ship the foods to them via FedEx.


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