About Us

Our Story

SKINNY was created to serve the 45 million people who try to lose weight each year. If so many of us are going on diets, why are 66% of Americans still overweight or obese? It’s because the weight loss industry is saturated with products that either don’t work or fail to produce the kinds of results dieters need. At SKINNY, we understand the struggle to find a system that is easy to fit into a daily routine, that works for anyone of any fitness level, and which provides ongoing support. We’ve been there, and instead of settling for less, we thought, “We can do better.” Thus, SKINNY was born.

Unlike other systems that leave you on the brink of starvation or give you lots of confusing rules to follow, SKINNY is a simple solution that simply works. We approach weight loss from the inside out by giving you the highest-quality amino acids to reduce your cravings. We supply the food, you supply the commitment.

We strive to improve our clients’ quality of life with a total approach to wellness and nutrition, and our goal is to become the top high-performance weight loss system in the world. Our team has taken the basic weight loss formula and perfected it with modern nutritional knowledge and ongoing support for life. These valuable additions create the perfect environment for weight loss and trigger the lifestyle changes needed to help keep the weight off for good.

SKINNY gives you everything you need to lose weight. All you have to do is follow your personalized weight loss plan. Our coaches and nutritionists are here to support you on your path to success, and our nutritious products satisfy your hunger so that you don’t feel deprived.

Rocky’s Story 

Rocky Haire is the founder of SKINNY, and also a success story. A trial lawyer of 24 years, Rocky had reached a point in his life where he was overweight and stressed out. He had tried everything to lose weight: lap-band, phentermine, countless diets – all were ineffective, producing temporary results, if any. Then something happened that changed his life.

“I had a friend get on a program that was almost instant,” Rocky remembers. “I’m telling you, in three days her skin was glowing, you could see that her eyes were clearer, and she’d lost weight. I had to know what it was—and she showed me. It was a very high-performance, pre-packaged meal plan with strict instructions for dining out and other real world scenarios. I was blown away—enough to convince her and some high-grade nutritionists to help me create SKINNY, a high-performance company that delivers thin waistlines to anyone willing to come with us.

I became obsessed with this and have lost 27 lbs. My mind is clearer, and I’ve lost 6-8 inches off my waistline. I’ve always been active in jiu-jitsu and weight training, but I’ve never had a body I was happy with. I wanted a 32-34-inch waist. Because of SKINNY, I’m now a 32″ waist!

Why SKINNY Works When Other Plans Fail

Humans are creatures of habit. That’s why it’s hard to make a change and sustain it. When no one’s looking, it’s easy to backslide into a diet of fast food and a sedentary lifestyle spent in front of the TV rather than exercising. With our fast-paced lives and the demands of family and careers, no one can afford to be exhausted and hungry all the time. It’s understandable why so many diets fail.

SKINNY works because we take care of you. You will not go hungry on our plan, and exercise is optional in the beginning. Take the time to find an activity you enjoy doing, and you will be more likely to stick with it. Weekly check-ins with your coach keep you accountable for the choices you make. We understand that mistakes will be made, so we never judge or chastise you if you go off your plan in a moment of weakness. We simply help you identify what triggered the decision and guide you back onto your path toward your goal weight.

Enough About Us; Let’s Talk About You

Are you ready for your weight loss journey? Can you commit to permanent lifestyle changes that will leave you happier and healthier? Sign up with SKINNY today and let’s  reveal your best and happiest self!